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Capital Five Oy

P.O. Box 298
33101 Tampere


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Capital Five Oy

Capital Five Ltd. (C5) is a Finnish company specializing in real estate development, -investment, and infrastructure projects.


Capital Five’s activities include planning, constructing and managing real estate and infrastructure projects, and in some special cases also owning them.


The partners have extensive experience in real estate development, laws and regulations related to construction, city planning, planning and constructing of new buildings and renovating existing ones, technical solutions, project delivery and -management, business planning, operating and service business, industry, and responsible management from many industries internationally.


Wide network and experienced experts

Capital Five Ltd is well networked both domestically and internationally. Based on initiatives either thought up ourselves or acquired from a network C5 develops ecological and economically viable projects. C5’s affiliates are experienced experts in their field such as architects, technical professionals, business lawyers, as well as various designers, consultants and contractors.


C5 uses the latest available reliable information, technology, processes and know-how. Long-term environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and cost efficiency are emphasized in the projects.


The company’s activities are based on high ethical principles, open and honest communication, and seamless integration of knowledge and experience.


Capital Five Ltd is an independent manager of real estate and infrastructure projects - The Management Company.