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The projects developed by Capital Five offer interesting and profitable investment opportunities for both institutional and private investors.


For potential investors we deliver comprehensive prospectuses, which bring together the key information concerning the investment, the method of implementation and the expected return, and foreseeable risks as well as the means for managing the risks. In addition, the prospectus states what costs the investment and its management accrues.


We always formulate a case by case agreement with the investors for an investment. Capital Five’s role varies with different projects. The sought life cycle for an investment varies from case to case. The objective can be a quick exit and return of funds to investors or a long-term rent-based earning and liquidation of the target at the end of its life cycle.


We carefully study the projects from the technical, economic, environmental, safety and legal aspects and ensure the safety and profitability of the investment. Profit margin is a priority.
We inform the investor regarding the progress of the project as agreed beforehand. We plan the implementation, phasing, and organizing taking into account the special features of the project.



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